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THE MORALITY QUIZ goes for an odd quiz. My answers will prolly be behind a cut somewhere.

Cory's Morality/Religion/Culture Quiz! Find out your moral ethnic and spiritual compass.

1. You are on top of a burning building. There is no help available and the only choices are
a. Jumping off to your death.
b. Waiting for smoke asphyxiation/burns to kill you.
What do you do?

2. You are forced to completely eradicate one species (no single-celled organisms, please) or organisms on earth. You do not have to worry about the logistics of doing so, only the choice of the species. What is it?

3. You/others you care about are starving. Employment is absolutely impossible. There are only two ways to provide. Do you steal to feed them? Would you kill (strangers) to feed them? Would you kill people you know to feed them?

4. You are in a nazi concentration camp. Eventual Survival is possible, you have very little strength left, but you have secured a peice of glass with which you could fight. You see a child being brutally beaten by a Gestapo. Would you attack/Kill the Gestapo at the risk of certain death?

5. You have impregnated/been impregnated by a child through no fault of your own but not in the bonds of marraige. The sex was consensual, your partner has agreed to do whatever you wish in concern to the unborn child, even marry you or help raise the child. The only consideration is the inconvenience of having an unexpected child. Do you/your partner undergo an abortion? (Gay/lesbian folks just try to emulate the situation as completely as possible)

6. Do you beleive Celibacy to be a good thing? Do you even beleive it possible?

7. In an inexplicable way, you are forced to choose one world religion, t to the exclusion of all others which all humanity will be born into/taught but not at all forced to follow for the rest of civilization as we know it. What is this religion or practice? Athiesm, agnosticism, etc. are all valid answers.

8. Humanity is wiped out except for three hundred individuals you have specifically chosen to progenerate the human race. It is decided that you are to choose two main cultures/traditions from which to base your new society's way of life and ethics, three cultures on which to base its art and music, two for its farming/food, and one place on earth in which to start this culture. No old cities remain, you will have to build a new one somewhere.


1. I would probably try to die of smoke asphyxiation. If I could not, I would jump rather than burn.

2. I would probably eradicate that algae that is taking over the medditeranean, though the human race is hella tempting.

3. I would definitely steal, but I would not kill to feed myself or others.

4. I would totally fuck the gestapo officer up, and then try to kill myself.

5. This one is hard. I would let the woman decide, obviously. It is her body and her choice. If I had to consult her, though, I would say not to abort the child just on the principle that I wanted to take responsibility for my actions.

6. I don't think Celibacy is possible. Maybe some traditions can be than others, but I think that even clergy should be allowed to have their jollies.

7. Well. I'd have to say Tibetan Buddhism would be my first choice, maybe sprinkled with a lot of Daoist thought and minus the anti-homosexuality.


Way of Life and Ethics: 1. Tibet 2. uhhh....Rome? I'm trying to think of a fairly enlightened western culture that can bring the beauty of individuality to eastern communalism.

Art and Music

1. Iran/Persia 2. Ireland 3. Japan


1. Vietnam    2. Southern Italy


Uhhmm...taking into considerations all the very temperate places I can think of that don't suffer massive natural disasters on a regular basis, I'm thinking the penninsula of Normandy in France, Southern Ireland (though I might have some trouble growing rice there) and uhhh....maybe the location of Valencia in spain? I could grow oranges there...mmm



hahaha. Basically my fantastical culture is exactly what Celestaria is. Quite a mishmash, huh? So hard to find a way to blend them together with no seams and no overtly obvious references.


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