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1. Where would be your top three ideal places to fight to the death with your mortal arch-enemy? What manner of duel (expected (O-ren v. Bea) or unexpected (Vernita v. Bea) what would you and your opponent be armed with? If it is outside, what sort of weather?

2. Who would win in a fight between Pai Mei and ehe entire Deadly Viper Assassination Squad with help from Hattori Hanzo? No firearms are used. No poisoned fishheads. Hanzo san is armed with a Katana (or two, if that's his style)

3. If you had a viper codename, what would it be?

4. If there was a musical que for your character (IE, Gong, whistling 'twisted Nerve', or the Bride's "Ironside" ((weeee-waaaaaweeeewaaaaa)) what would it be?

5. If you were an established character of the Underworld of any nation (or two nations), what would said nation(s)/cit(y/ies) be, and what would be your "hideout/hangout" (I.E. Tokyo, Japan, House of Blue leaves)

6. What is your favorite common household object to use as a weapon which is not designed to be used as such. (I.E. Plunger, Aerosol Can,) no kitchen implements, as that was covered in the previous quiz.

7. How do you take your Coffee? Or do you drink something else?

8. What is your signature vehicle as an assassin? (Let's all drink to Vanessa's 'nondescript' car!)

9. What is your evil assassin cell phone ringtone? Do you even carry a Cell phone?

10. If you are eating in a Chinese resturant and get in a fight, do you use Chopsticks as a defensive or offensive weapon? Assuming you are fighting people armed with edge weapons, not guns.

11. What is your favorite way of disarming those who carry guns when you are armed with only pre-firearm weaponry?

12. Go Go Yubari asks you if you want to screw her. How do you respond to this no-win question?

1. My top three places would be
a. The moonlit great hall of a Japanese temple: an expected duel, armed with Katana and other melee weapons.
b. The candle-lit chapel of Notre Dame or some other MASSIVE cathedral (perhaps the Haggia Sophia in Istanbul) armed with any non-firearm weapon.
c. An unexpected shootout/sword fight in the crumbling, mossy, vine-covered ruins of a Tenth Century Catholic Abbey on the crumbling cliffs overlooking the Celtic sea whilst a cold wind beats on us and hard, light rain splatters the walls. MUWAH!

2. I think Pai Mei would probably have some difficulty, but would win eventually. In Asian, especially Chinese tradition, the masters always keep the greatest technique to themselves: Even though he gave Bea the Five point palm technique, I'm sure there is some elaboration of it or higher technique still that he never used or even spoke of. I'm sure the deadly Vipers would be quite a plateful though.

3. Emperor Cobra? Spitting Cobra? White Asp?

4. It would be a few ominous notes plucked on a Shamisen alongside a low Erhu note. A more ominous castinet clicking might be appropriate alongside it.

5. a. In Assissi, Italy, there would be an old Fransiscan Monastery with lots of shrouded, dark collumnades on the side of a hill where we would stay.
b. In Kyoto, Japan, we would take residence in one of the old Temples (HONNOJI!) after closing it off to public access for "renovation"

6. Hmm...I'd have to say I'm a wicked hand with a broom.

7. I drink plain Jasmine Tea.

8. My signature vehicle would be an old grey Clydesdale horse named Bartelby Yamamoto with traditional Samurai Saddle, silk tassels, etc.

9. When I carry my evil Cell phone, its ringtone is the theme song from "Sanford and Son" or else the love theme of Crouching Tiger.

10. I'd use crossed chopsticks as a defensive weapon against incoming sword blows. Maybe I could even use them to disarm my enemy, and then pick out his eye, and shove it in another enemy's mouth! Theres a tarantino action sequence for yah.

11. Hmmm....I'd probably have to say cutting off their hands before they fire, but if I'm too far away, I'd throw darts that would lodge themselves in the barells and cause backfiring.

12. I'd totally fucking run from that crazy ass ho whilst screaming "MAYBE IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH GET AWAAY!"
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