Lord Kanti (lordkanti) wrote in 156questions,
Lord Kanti

HOLY SHIT a post in 156 questions.

These are questions taken from an ACTUAL harvey mudd roommate matching form. Who knew math-nerds had this depth of hilarity.

1. Construct two (nifty) sentences using some of the following words:Tangy-n-delicious, saddle shoes, mirror warmer, passion pit, wuckadoo, homeomorphic, hand jive, node, pulchritudinous, the Reds, royal shaft, non-destructive frequency characteristic analysis, “Shoot low, they’re riding Shetlands,” seppuku, muff, masticate, biff, Goicochea, “Penguin!”

2. If your life was a breakfast cereal what would it be called and why?

3. What do you wear underneath your poodle skirt / tight jeans and why? (boxers, briefs, thong, commando, etc…)

4. What is a Velji Bear’s only weakness?

5. If you could have a jumpin’ 50’s hangout place named after your life, what would it be called and why?

6. Describe the first time you _________ and were horribly embarrassed.
(Fill in the blank, and answer the question.)

7. Why did you never make it to the sock hop in 11th grade?

8. Name three items you’d take with you into the passion pit, and why?

9. Describe (briefly) your plan to remove Sputnik from orbit.

10. Do you have any medical (or amusing) condition that limits your physical activity?
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