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This one is a list. Get used to it.

1. What do you think of this lj?

2. What is your interpretation of the meaning of this livejournal

3. What Changes do you want to see/not see?

4. How do you feel about the lyric
"I want to feel you from the inside"
Deeper Depths? Raunchy Randyness? Silly Stupidity? Acute Alliteration?

3. How do you feel about the numeric system. I mean seriously why does 3 follow 2.

9. Have you seen Kill Bill II, if so why not?
(Lies such as, I dont like quentin tarantino, or Kill Bill I wasnt good, are not acceptable)

7. Was this post too long?
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1. Its awesome. Especially the people who created it, i mean what godlike talent it took to invent this and finally create the forum.

2. To relieve stress, throw shit out, or just feel like it.

3. None. Its great. but more kill bill.

5. Totally stupid. obsaurd? of course. like english its meaogndild.

0. Of course. Seen it twice already.

1. No way. You rule.
What do you think of this lj? I'd enjoy it more if people made more of an effort to answer and ask questions. It'd be way more interesting if we had more questions to answer.

What is your interpretation of the meaning of this livejournal? I think this lj stems from some bizarre game that developed during the shitty Sun Country Forensics Institute. Seriously, your CX evidence blows my cock.

What changes do you want to see/not see? More questions. Less emo bitching about how everyone wants to kill themselves. More creative formats for questions. Less ignoring the purpose of questions. More wit. Less sass.

How do you feel about the lyric: "I want to feel you from the inside"? Deeper Depths? Raunchy Randyness? Silly Stupidity? Acute Alliteration? Discuss. It reminds me of a rather straight forward way of saying "Let me get two fingers inside of you and I'll make your g-spot cry in ecstasy".

How do you feel about the numeric system? I mean seriously, why does 3 follow 2? I feel comfortable enough to use it when it's accurate. On the other hand, I have no qualms about abandoning it and answering the questions in another format when the number systems seems to purposefully fuck my mind. The same can be said about the grammer, though.

Have you seen Kill Bill II? Why not? (Lies, such as "I dont like Quentin Tarantino" or "Kill Bill I wasn't good", are not acceptable) I saw it the day it came out. I can safely say that I was more than slightly dissapointed in it. **spoilers** It was anti-climactic, predictable and rushed. It would have done better had they dropped a few scenes, shortened a couple others, added five or ten minutes more character development for a couple characters and thrown in an epic sword battle between Bill and The Bride.

Was this post too long? It was a bitch to rework grammatically. Other than that, at least it's a question.
1. I think it is brilliant, since it was made at camp by mandy. =D
2. To get to know what is going on in people's minds when they answer these questions.
3. just MORE questions
4. "I want to feel you from the inside"
hmmmmmmmmmm reminds me of the song "closer" by nine inch nails. I personally love that song.
3. I always contemplate why numbers are so important in our lives.. but um... I think that i'll have to have a raincheck on this answer.
9.KILL BILL WAS AWESOME. emotion, some action, I think the first one was better, but I seriously thought it really had some cool closure to it. =D
7. skfnokasnfoiasjdlksajflkjasl fkjaslkfd japsoihf ladknfglkasdjf lkasjfl ksajfiojadspfja sdpgmentrie jrlkjasklfjlas..... no.
Kill Bill Vol. 2's closure blew my cock in such a sucky, fuck twating, ugly bitch, circumcise my own asshole, loose, sticky, urinate in the gaping hole of my lung, sweaty defication, icky, potato tossing, catcher versus pitcher, come guzzling, hand job, blow job, fingering, douche cunt like manner, that I couldn't help but gasp in agony, pain, hurt, shit, dissapointment and flaming duck butter. Ovaries! Testes! Bitch! Puta! Slut! Mother fucker! Honey box! Rod! HELL HELL HELL HELL HELL HELL HELL HELL HELL!!!!!!!!!!

i dont think you were watching the right movie. maybe you drifted into the butterfly effect or something, because the only blowing that went down in kill bill is when
1, shotgun, budd, need i say more?
2, blowing me away with its fangorious awesomeness.
My last post may have seemed a tad much, I suppose. The motivation lies in me telling Gina that I was going to write an excessively vulgur reply to her comment.

At any rate, Budd was kick ass. The shotgun was kick ass. The movie was on the verge of kick ass-dom, but seemed to cut short of the mark toward the end. It was building up to this incredible cinematic orgasm, but left me with a dribble in my pants.
and it was very vulgar. =P
Fuck shit yeah it was!
...heheh, honey box.....love button.....lone man in the boat....hehehe


April 20 2004, 17:34:00 UTC 13 years ago

someone peed in your mother.
I think it's cute when people post anonymously. Then again, I try to be offensive and take credit for it.

...actually, now that I think about it; I'm taking credit for the anonymous post.

Deleted comment

he may be fugly, but atleast he isnt pugfugly. or ugly ugly.


July 2 2004, 05:47:54 UTC 13 years ago

something about toxic dye ? i think (teh song)
i just have to say to number four...