Ashe (jisatsu_ganbu) wrote in 156questions,

Here's my question. I'm having troubles with this as well, but let me pose the question first:

For the rest of your time in school (for some High School, for others College), would you rather:

a) Work extremely hard, get wonderful grades, go far places, but never have deep emotional connections with the students around you and in your classes?


b) Have a great social life, tons of friends, but do average to poorly in school and go the mediocre working-man route in life?

To be honest, I'm trying to decide whether making friends here at UHS would be in any way beneficial to me, or if I should just play nice and rely on you lot for support. I want to see your opinions and what you would do if in this situation, or (if you know more about it) mine.

Any thoughts?
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