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Okay, marissa asked me this the other day and I was pondering it.
Now, when a guy and a girl are best friends, they have no competition between them. They understand each other.
Can there ever be a relationship like that between two girls? Where there is no envy, jealousy, hatred, misunderstandings?
I thought it was worth pondering.
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I think it is possible. I am extremely happy for my friend's who are in relationships and I am not jealous at all. Now this might be different if I didn't have someone myself. I think envy is inevitable sometimes but its fine if you don't let it get in the way of your friendships.

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That sums up my relationship with you, with Ashley, with Mandy, with Marissa, with Shyla, etc. Maybe I'm just lucky. *shrugs* ^_^
First, I think it's wrong to say that a guy and girl have no competition or misunderstandings between them. You can just not care enough about the other to have competition or misunderstandings, or you can be good enough friends not to have that shit come between you, but it's not a gender thing. I don't have bizarre comeptition, envy, jealousy or hatred toward any of my friends. I'm stable and happy with who I am.

Which leads me to my answer. Yes, I think there can be a relationship between two girls where their is no envy, jealousy, hatred or misunderstandings. At the very least, not any more than is normal for any human being. At the point where any of it is expressed, the problem begins. It sounds more like a personal issue than anything else; A personal issue of maturity and unselfishness. All I know is that I've been miserable, to the point where I was absolutely hating life, and I still managed to find satisfaction in Michael's happiness. It's just about being a good friend.
I really don't think so..I've yet to find one.
plus all the guys i try to be good friends end up liking may sound nice but it really isn't.


June 8 2004, 12:04:32 UTC 13 years ago

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I have a relationship like that. It's all the individual person's state of mind...
I think it's possible because I have a friend that I totally get along with. We've known each other for like, three years, and so far we've been doing great! :D So yes, I think it's possible.
guys and girls are generally different so its easier to get along with guys *most* of the time not all the time girls are catty and often compete for guys. its possible but rare